Bully · Magic · punishment


Jeremy was one of those guys who could not stop molesting girls, he really was an asshole in all the extent of the word, by that, I mean, this guy would come up at a girl an pinch or slap her ass… or at night if he find one alone he would follow her and touch her down there with out her consent. He also would frequently stare at a girl legs and crotch in the gym while touching himself over his pants, or other times he would help them out with their routines while subtly passing his hand over their body, he sometimes even enter the girls changing room to secretly take pictures. ¡The guy was a complete pervert!, some girls even claimed that while on an bus trip he hugged them as if they were a couple and touched their breast and vagina from behind all the way.

Sad thing of all this is… the guy has never been reported or anything, nor a single girl has make a public complain with authorities neither inside the school nor outside and why is that?, because the guy is a living Ken… his figure and face are perfect, his whole body and appearance exclaim attractive, he is jacked and huge, so you can see why many girls fall to this trap and they let this things happen because most of them think he is flirting with them. There’s this eternal debate whether these girls are having “consent” with this guy, or maybe they are afraid of loosing “a chance” to hang out with him… for god sake girls, the guy is a dick!, you all cannot be that dumb, he only thinks of you as objects for his satisfaction and yeah yeah he is handsome and all but that does not eliminate the fact he is a jackass.

Anyway my friend Laura was one of these girls, she was harassed by this guy constantly, she was pretty and all until she could not handle it anymore and she went to me, Karli his best friend, she was pissed and very angry of this guy always doing what he wanted without consequence, I have to say I did not know about him until then… but all that was about to end when I told Laura I knew the perfect punishment for this guy, she knew I have secret powers, almost like a witch but in real life so I offered her we should transform him in a very obese and ugly girl that needed to be fucked a hundred times, otherwise he would stay in that body forever.

-“Yeah let’s do that, that asshole deserve it” Laura said

-“Haha, imagine his reaction when he find himself in that body”

-“haha yes!, and obviously he would stayed that way since nobody would fuck a huge pig like that”

All of a sudden Jeremy vanished from earth, the girls where all sad and happy about it, the strangest thing was that a girl named Jenna appeared at school, she was gross and disgusting to watch, several pictures of her naked where she would be tied and asking for sex appeared everywhere. Needless to say you could see Jenna crying almost everyday at school and being bullied by someone.

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