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Frigid girl

“Wow… I can’t stop feeling horny!.. my grandson is becoming a real pain in the ass, I think he still suspect something about me but there is no way he can prove or do anything about it, specially now that Mia died inside my old body… yeah yeah call me a cunt o a pervert and devil old man if you like, but let me tell you something, if you could have the chance to chose between life or death what would it be? huh? I bet you’d say life without much hesitation.

For the record Mia (23) was a very frigid girl with my grandson and by frigid I mean she literally had no intention to have sex with him like ever… yet she was very pretty, I think he was making a fool of himself thinking he culd take her to bed someday, I’m actually making him a favor by switching that script and letting him discover all the pleasure a woman’s body have to offer, the new Mia is an open minded real woman… but of course, now that I’m thinking about it, maybe letting myself lose was not the best approach for my cover…

In the beginning felt very odd letting him touch me all over this soft and curvy body, I knew this body that was a lethal weapon for any man and I thought that if I let him do that, then any remnant of that old man telling him “I’m Mia, your grandpa John stole my body” thing,… was going to vanish from his head… but haha maybe it was not a great idea, I should have kept my head low in the meantime with the funeral an all, but hey my new hormones really kicked off by themselves and I am actually enjoying very much being a young girl and being fucked by my grandson, such is life.

By the way, like I said, Mia was a little bitch that could care less about anything, she maybe deserved to die like a 70 year old man, she did not suffer much I think and everyone thought grandpa was really at the end of his life when he started all that rant about being a girl, poor old man. By the way, the body swap was made using some reversal rings from an old friend, he got them from a trip to India and did not want to use them because you can only change with opposite gender so he gave them to me bad luck for him… Nevertheless, I need to prepare for the engagement party we have tonight so I will take a shower first…I love showering this body

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