Magic Object · wish

QB Rivarly

Joe (25, left) and Terry (now 18, right) where once friends and then became enemies…and finally became master and sex slave…the story goes like this.

Joe and Terry fought each other to gain the Quarterback title for their college football team there was only one spot so you can imagine the competition was fierce between the two, a lot of times you could see them throw the ball until midnight and doing a lot of exercise to get in shape, all in all in was a healthy competition they even hang out together and get along during those days, Joe got a girlfriend who was a cheerleader and Terry congratulated him.

Those days were great but at time went by, the knew that could not last, the final trials tests to win the spot was getting closer and they could feel it, one would lose the chance to play and maybe even loose the scholarship they had, the other would thrive and maybe eventually go to the NFL in a few years. That incredible day arrived, it was an awesome game, Joe and Terry showed their capacity to the max, they were exhausted and happy about their achievement, but as life is… only Terry was picked that day, call it chance, destiny or bad luck but Joe was discarded, he lost his scholarship and he anticipated and worst of all that night he found out his girlfriend was cheating on him with Terry, it was as if everything crumbled in an instant for Joe.

He got depressed and started to drink and do all sort of stupid things, he almost became an addict and was going towards his parents again for help but the very day he was going to take the bus and giving up on his dreams he found a shinny figurine in the street, he thought it was made of gold or something valuable, he missed the bus and got back to his apartment, he looked closer at the figurine, it had the shape of a woman and there was a inscription “Turn any man into the girl you want, just give it to the person you want to change”

Joe read those lines several times thinking it was an hallucination or some bullshit right there. But he came with an idea. The next day he went to school and looked for Joe, he was sitting next to his girl, Joe was sweeting, he approached Terry and told him he was happy for him, Terry looked at him and said “hey man, I’m sorry I thought we both could stay in the team, I heard about the scholarship” – “Its ok, I have a backup plan… but don’t worry I just want to give you this and hi Samantha” Joe handed the figurine to Terry and made the wish in his mind “what is this?” Terry said – “Its just a random gift for our friendship, goodbye Terry”

Joe was sad that nothing happened at the moment, but the next day without him knowing, Terry woke up as Maria, a petite Latina girl with small tits that was ready to get make all of Joe wishes come true. Maria went to see Joe and woke him up with a blowjob “I need your cock in me Joe, please let me suck it and fuck me after that” “Whoa who are you?” Joe said -“I’m Maria, your girlfriend you dummy” Joe would later found out, the wish not only changed Terry, the world was distorted since Maria always existed and Terry never was, he was the starting QB, with his scholarship back and starring in the game tonight and of course there was Maria, who would always fucked him before a game so he could relax, Joe couldn’t be happier.

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