Welcome Body Swappers

Hello everyone! This is a friendly welcome and a kickoff entry of this blog.

My name is Luna… and this site is where Body Swap Fantasies come to life., As all of you I find the idea of body swapping an absolute and incredible lust fantasy, the thought of being someone else, steal somebody’s life, punish someone, trick, force, feel, cheat, USE SOMEONE…..wooa that’s very exciting and sexy. I personally think that this fantasies help us to understand our nature as human beings. They are deep inside our DNA because we want to discover what they told us we are not suppose to. I think with this fantasies we let ourselves understand relationships, desires and life meanings ….but heck enough with philosophy, maybe in the future we could do body swapping the same way we go to change our haircut now and then we’ll get to a new mind level… I hope so, I mean, have you seen Altered Carbon? … anyway, I want to tell you from the start that English is not my native language but I’m going to do my best, so if you find a little and/or horrendous mistake, please don’t get mad and let me know. I do speak Spanish tough and maybe I will also put content in Spanish, but I don’t know yet

I am a huge fan of tg captions and I’ve seen several blogs and materials out there, some are great and some I don’t like, but it’s really interesting to explore all creative ideas and ways of thinking. I definitively have a style around this and a personal taste, but I will not explain that here since you’ll see it unfold in the captions.

I will start things my own way, but maybe some content will result familiar to you. In any case as I go on I will expand on what others have done and try new things. I’ll try to do content I haven’t seen that much in other sites like F/M captions for example…. Hopefully you will like it and this can become one of your favorites.

Thank you for reading this, and good night.

I will start posting soon

  • Luna

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