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Up until a month ago I was Jerry Gomez (67) now I’m Cindy Smith (17) a beautiful ballerina, here you can see me warming up before a contest.

I was a janitor at this ballet school for rich girls. I was doing my normal cleaning as every other day, my back was killing me but I needed something to eat, the girls were always mocking me and calling me a pervert old man, they thought I was just doing my job very slowly on purpose so I could enjoy watching them.

Truth is, this was the only job I could get at my age with the help of some contacts, my whole family have left me…. not because they hated me or anything but because all my kids were grown ups, they already had their own families and my wife passed away a couple of years ago so this was all I had.

I’ve never been a pervert really, to be honest I did not really care or liked ballet in my life … but sure, I enjoyed watching the ladies doing all those exercises, but I did enjoy it respectfully and discretely from a distance. I’d say, more than that I truly envy them more than creeping on them.

Well… as I was saying, that day I finished all the cleaning until late evening and this strange looking guy with a black hoodie entered the classroom when I was about to leave

-Hey old man, I bet you are about to go to masturbate to your house

– I’m sorry, who are you? The school is closed by now

-Don’t be so rude… I came here to grant you a wish

– All right sir, if you need help I can call the principal (I smelled trouble he walk towards me)

– Look Jerry… I’ve been watching you, I know how you look at those girls, you are no pervert or creep … you just want to be able to move freely again

-Please don’t hit me sir I don’t have any money…if that’s what you want

He smiled. And put his hand in my shoulder, I could not see his face but I fainted when I saw his eyes were red. The next morning I woke up in a strange room, but my body was that of Cindy, I saw my new self naked on a mirror, she was one of the prettiest girls at the school, I did not know she was 17, her mother called me to have breakfast and asked me to prepare for school. It was shocking, I spent the week thinking it was all a dream, somehow I had Cindy’s memories and I could talk with everyone normally… her voice…my voice was like that of an angel.

When I finally decided to go to the ballet I found out about the “janitor mysterious death”… apparently the old man died of a cardiac attack under stress ..

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