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Home Office

“Don’t worry Jane I’ve got everything under control, your work is really easy, I just need to fill some tables and create graphics around them” Kevin (13) said inside Jane’s body (35) “-Ok, are you sure kid? can you send me the presentation on whatsapp just to check it” Jane inside the kids body responded “Sure, will do… hey I got a meeting call, catch you later” Kevin said hanging out

“God, that KID is making me nervous, she need to chill out” Kevin relaxed in his chair, he close the computer and went to the kitchen for something to eat before having his regular masturbating session, like every 3 hours or so.

By 2 pm, Kevin already finished all the work Jane had to do for the day, he was really enjoying living alone and being and adult independent woman, of course having such a young mind inside that body(13) he was constantly thinking about girls and sex, but now he had bobs of his own that he could touch whenever he wanted, the best thing was that Jane was working full time remotely, everything was like a fantasy that came true… but in reality, it was not a fantasy, everything was planned by Kevin.

It turns out Jane is his mother’s best friend, she often came to his house to visit them and Kevin had a crush on her, He used a body swapping app that was developed by one of his geekiest nerd friends, it was very easy for him to set it up one night, but he made it seem like it was a magical incident. (he tricked her with an old fake amulet he got online, since he knew she believed a lot in that kind of crap) The day they woke up in each others bodies it was easy for him to convince her to assume each other identities because she needed to keep her job and he need to stay at school at least for a while.

But well, between all those masturbating sessions Kevin is executing the second part of his plan to make Jane forget about her past as a mature woman. He already spend most of his evenings in nightclubs and hanging out with men, its just a matter of time before he starts fucking them. Its a good thing Jane always worked until late so she thinks Kevin is always busy with her work inside the house, “I hope she get use to being a dumb nerd, because she no longer have the looks to get what she wants, I mean, I don’t know how she ever got this job with that level” Kevin said to himself.

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