Bodyswap · M2F · step mother · Time travel

Not real

-Ok I know this can’t be real but I need to think in something. Otherwise I’m fucked… literally fucked. Jeremy (18) was wondering what to do…


Jeremy (17) is your average looking guy, a little geek and nerdy. He goes to school, play video games and read, nothing special. Their parents divorced a year ago and Jeremy believed his father thought Jeremy’s attitude towards life was because he needed a mother figure, so very recently his father presented him to Marlene (32) a beautiful young brunette who was supposed to be his step mom. Jeremy could not care less, he knew that mother thing was BS… his father only wanted to find a girl because he needed someone to jack off with, Jeremy knew this because he listened his father masturbating and watching porn movies almost every night.

A few months into their relationship and Jeremy saw a change in his his father, he was suddenly more happy, but Jeremy was not very nice to Marlene… he did not want to get close to her. His father discussed with him several times about her but that did not help. One day when he arrived from school, he entered his Dad studio to steal some cash but in the room he found bondage restraints, ropes and bracelets… it was a little odd to think of his father and her step mom like that but it wasn’t surprising for him…

-I knew it, that’s what they do all day. (Jeremy thought) This girl really have it easy, she doesn’t have to work, she only hangs out with my dad, makes food and fucks him. I mean common.

Marlene entered the room in that moment surprising Jeremy

-So that’s what you think huh? You don’t know me Jeremy, you don’t know what being a woman is like, you don’t understand the pleasure to please your dad, he is very nice with me…you however don’t even say hi when I’m around, I’ve tried to be nice but it’s not working… you should call me mother by now… but you think I don’t feel a thing, don’t you?

-ok ok that was a little to much information…. and I did not say that

-I heard you saying I have it easy only making food and fucking your dad …

-yeah well .. those things (Jeremy pointed to the bondage stuff)

-Hold my hand Jeremy

-what? why?

-Just do it… I’ll show what a good wife do for his man

Jeremy looked at her confused while extending his hand, when their palms touched, an emptiness absorbed Jeremy’s mind, everything went into darkness for a brief moment and when he opened his eyes he was looking at the ceiling, his arms were tied above his head, he was over a table, naked and legs open, he could feel his soft skin, long hair and a pussy?, he was in Marlene body…

-What is this? Why am I here?

-Babe you better be ready… we only have a few hours before Jeremy arrives, God I cannot wait to enter you again… Jeremy’s father said from outside


-Ok I know this can’t be real but I need to think in something. Otherwise I’m fucked… literally fucked. (Jeremy was wondering what to do… ) -That bitch, what’s the point of being fucked by my own dad to “understand her”…

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