Accident · Bodyswap · Brother · Head hit

Brotherly love

I was so angry when I saw Charlotte (24) fucking a guy in the school library, she was cheating on my brother Dean (26), I mean c’mon the guy is in the football team, he has a scholarship, he even got a job before finishing school and this girl comes and do this… I was in a dilemma…. I knew they were engaged and probably getting married anytime soon. He was in love with her, telling him would either star a fight between us or a depression for him. “He will understand” I said to myself… “he is very smart and he doesn’t deserve that kind of girl”

I knew she was pretty and all… but heck… why she did that?, I decided to investigate more before doing anything… and what I found was astounding, the girl was a complete whore… she was fucking many football players and some teachers on plain sight, I thought my brother was stupid but I didn’t notice that either… I guess we both were stupid…

I finally came to the conclusion my brother should know about this girl and his secrets… so I was ready to confront him in the house when Charlotte crossed ways with me. “Hello Mathew… ” she said “Hello” I replied “Hey… I don’t want to bother you… but some friends told me you were spying on me” .. I played dumb “Don’t know what are you talking about” I said “Hehe… look… I don’t care what you saw but I love your brother” I rolled my eyes.

“Ah yeah? I guess so…. bitch” (I couldn’t help it)

“There you go… who do you think I am little brat, wait until your brother knows about this” she said clearly upset

“What?… yeah and before that you should tell him you are fucking and cheating with plenty of guys” I replied

“You don’t know what you are saying… he won’t believe you”

“I’m his brother… and I have proof”

“So you are a little pervert that spies on his brother girfriend”

In that moment she hit me in the head and then I reacted throwing her to the ground, but somehow she managed to grabbed me and I also fell to the ground with a hard hit. Our heads hit each other… I don’t know how much time passed, maybe a minute or so, but when I opened my eyes I saw myself walking like a drug addict, he was in the middle of the street bleeding and then I will never forget…my body (16) was hit by a car and fell to death. I screamed in Charlotte’s body. Everything happened so fast… People arrived to help me. They called an ambulance…I watched my face in Charlotte cellphone screen … somehow she and I changed bodies with the hit and then Dean arrived, I did not know what to say anymore

“Babe… what happened… what is this?”

“I… ” I thought for a moment to tell him everything… but then …suddenly I thought it was better not to tell him…

“Who is that guy?…” Dean asked me

“It’s Mathew… your brother”

“What? why… what is this?” he asked. I started to cry to make everything more convincing, somehow this body was already too emotional…

“He was running very fast, he was bleeding, I think some guys were pursuing him.. he slipped and that car just passed … it was horrible I screamed in shock”

“I can’t believe this.. god no…”


Weeks passed and I decided to never tell the truth to my brother, I would be his girlfriend and then his wife. I really love my brother. Sure I had to watch my own funeral and endure my family suffering. But Charlotte’s body and life was amazing, I made sure every night my brother was really happy, especially at the beginning.

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