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The Employee

“Hope you like it babe, I know you are still recovering from the hospital” … Man … my head is spinning around, the way this guy just fucked me just minutes ago in this yacht. I mean I feel my panties getting wet again right now, this is surreal….. I was an employee from a big technology company. We were doing some tests in a new system that was suppose to help doctors to read minds for patients in coma, top secret shit you know. Maybe this was destiny or something beyond me, because one day we had an accident, and that day was father’s day so many guys brought their daughters to the company building, even the boss… so there I was, testing the machines and computers while my boss was doing a scouting with his daughter. The electric circuit had a discharge and boom! I just heard a scream…and then it stopped….I had a blackout. Next day I woke up in a hospital with my boss on the side I remember…

– “Melanie, thank god, I thought we lost you” … that damn Greg and his machine, I should have fired him years ago”

What?… what happened? where am I ?

-No worry sweetheart, I love you so much, now you only have to rest and prepare for your vacation…. it’s a good thing that guy is dead. He deserved it, he almost killed my daughter!

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