Bodyswap · Teacher

The history teacher

“Oh hi Ms. Anderson… this area is only for men” – Ms. Anderson (65) said inside the body of one of his hunk students; Mike (24)

“What is this shit… I was outside and suddenly found myself sleeping in this old body, who are you, why are you me?” Mike said in Ms. Anderson body

“God… you really are a lost case… I am Ms… you know what…. I don’t know what are you talking about old lady, I’m just here taking a shower before training this is weird… with your permission”

Ms. Anderson was the oldest teacher in Mike’s school, she had the reputation of being an old bitchy lady, but actually she was just a smart old history teacher. As years went by she developed an interest in ancient books, that’s where she found a very old one which happened to have several spells inside it, of course she was skeptical but she did some successful experiments turning objects into other things, that book gave her the title of another book and there she found a body swap spell, at the beginning she still believed it was all fantasy, but after a few readings she decided to give it a test

One day, looking at his students, he saw Mike, a newcomer and handsome guy who was quite ignorant of many things, he always failed at exams, he was more than dumb to be honest, but he had a sport scholarship and was part of the football team so that kept him afloat with his grades. Moreover Mr Anderson was a very old single lady but she still had sexual urges and many times she found herself masturbating alone thinking in his students, specially Mike since he had a perfect body for her taste, she saw him without t shirt several times while training.

So this idea came to her mind, what if she tried to swap bodies with him? What if it did not work? what if it did? would Mike try to kill her? She was too horny that day to think about every possibility so she followed the spell instructions step by step without much thinking and well… to her surprise… she found herself inside Mike’s body while he was fucking a girl behind the school gym, she continued to do it for a few seconds until Mike seed cum inside this girl pussy, the girl was crying

-I told you to stop Mike, WTF…

-Wow… that felt nice… who are you? Ms. Anderson said with Mike voice

-Fuck you! The girl said, then she covered herself and ran out from there, Mr. Anderson was very relaxed but disoriented at the same time…

-Hey!.. that was something different… so this thing worked… I can’t believe it… what should I do now…

She grabbed her new penis and looked at it for a few minutes, she touched it and it got a hard on, she then realized she was outside and pulled up his pants, she wanted to keep looking and feel her new body naked so she went towards the gym showers…

That’s where she found Mike in his body…

– —-

“Ok the guy is an idiot, I don’t think anyone would believe him, he doesn’t even know my name even though he attends a class with me…. that’s good, I mean I just need to play the part while I check what options I have, he is going to end up in a mental institution for sure… but first thing, going to my house to transfer my money as an “anonymous donation” and look for another college, I need to do this with caution” Ms. Anderson said in the bathroom while still touching his big arms and his penis under the towel.

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