Accident · Bodyswap · Old man

Old fat man

My name is Barry… or rather it was my name, I am a 40 year old guy. I know you won’t believe me seeing this bombshell blonde in front of you. I was a very fat guy with a few hairs left on my head, some people would feel disgusted with my body, I remember that going to a restaurant was a pain, my frame was so big I always needed to have a special spot for sitting, of course some people would see me and make weird faces. Nobody wanted to be near me since I sweated a lot, it was ugly living that way but hey I must admit I never did anything to get in shape, I could blame my family genetics and all that but sincerely it was my fault.

I did not have close friends my whole life but I never felt lonely though since my parents were loaded with cash, money was something I never lacked and I could buy whatever I wanted, I really enjoyed watching porn alone and I was working online so it was fine, I believed my life could not get any better or worse for the matter, I was just living one day at a time without thinking too much.

That is until something totally unexpected and magical happened, I decided to travel to Ontario Canada last month… I lived in Búfalo, so it was just a three hour trip. I took a cheap Uber ride, when we were half way there this blonde pretty girl got in the truck. For a second I was surprised but then I remember this trip was not only for me. As you can imagine the girl sat in the front seat and turned to look at me with a disgusting face trying to smile politely, I raised my hand saying Hi I remember I was thinking she was going to quit her trip right away but she did not

And long story short, we had a car accident… the driver’s crashed with a motorcycle, then tried to evade it and lost control, pretty nasty. The point is, when I woke up from the event I was in the front seat getting pulled away by some paramedics, I saw myself covered in blood trying to breath from the window. I don’t know what happened but I ended up in the body of Emily Green, a 19 year old Canadian girl who was studying Nutrition, her family arrived and took me to a hospital, I did not know everyone so I pretended I had amnesia (which was totally true)

Needless to say, I have a new family and plenty of friends now…

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