Bodyswap · employee · Father/Daughter · Tech device


“I can’t believe this is happening, this has to be a bad dream. I should have never taken this job. But right now I have no option… I need to think more before trying anything…every movement is very risky” Gary (54) said in the body of his daughter Mia (23)…

A few weeks ago my daughter Mia went to my office to check on me and see how I was doing, she is really pretty as you can see, and also very lovely and innocent. We were just suppose to go for lunch but then I remembered I needed to check the new tech device we were making … So I left my daughter alone when my boss was crossing the hallway, I saw them talking briefly but I had a bad feeling

When I returned, my daughter and I had lunch normally, but after that, my boss called me and asked for me to come to his office, I did not want to leave my daughter again so she she stayed with me. When we entered the room, I saw a blue flashlight, I closed my eyes and opened them again then I saw my body being injected with something and then beaten in the floor by two big guys

“What is this?” I replied…and notice my voice was that of my daughter

“Look for yourself” My boss said while giving me a mirror.

I saw my daughter’s pretty face in there and I realized what happened.

“You bastards… why did you do this?” I asked… but my boss slapped me in the face

“Shut up honey, to be honest, I hadn’t anything planned. I talked to your daughter and it dawned on me…I just wanted so desperately to fuck her…. but I’m a respectful man so I cannot just do that… or can I?”

“What? you psycho! Use the device to change us back now or I’ll call the police” I said

“Ah yeah… well… I don’t know if you saw it, but your daughter has been injected with a disease… she will be in a kind of coma for a few weeks before dying”

“No no no …what are you saying…”

“Yeah ….take HIM to the hospital guys, I’m gonna take care of Mr. Frey’s daughter ” My boss said with a grin

The two men left the room…

“I’m gonna give you two options babe, you either try to escape and try to explain what happened to the police… in which case I wish you luck… or… you become my personal secretary in exchange for your daughter’s recovery treatment…”

“I’m not gonna do that…I’m going to kill you”

I tried to punch him in the face but he stopped me very easily, this body was so fragile and weak…he put his arm around my neck while touching my hair and my face and said close to my ear..

“Ok, how about you pull down your panties right now or I kill your daughter in your body, in either case…. you are trapped in it, who knows what could happen to you out there…”

He picked his phone with his other hand and dropped me in the floor. “All right guys…” I bent my knees and he hanged out.

“Good girl… you are so fucked princess… I’m going to invite some board members if you don’t mind, think in your DAD”… and after that he pulled out his cock and put it in my mouth.

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