Accident · Girlfriend · Great shift · Teacher


My name is Bob I am 57… I was a chemistry teacher at Hunters School in Parson… Betty (19) was a really nice girl…I truly feel bad for her, to be in my middle age man body… I don’t know if you have talked to her by now but she lost everything…. her parents did not want her in my body at their house, all her friends turned their back on her, some even thought she was harassing them. She lost her job as a waitress, she was expelled from school in my body and lost her scholarship because she was constantly trying to talk to girls inside the women’s dressing room, of course all that was a mistake.

I helped her to get a psychologist, she is devastated and very depressed. I did not wanted to be mean but when the great Shift happened I warned her not to tell everyone…at least once the world adapted to the situation.

I told her it was better for us to pretend to be each other and treat the situation with caution because it was obvious not everyone was going to accept her as an old fat man. We watched the news, people is nuts… many didn’t like their new bodies, most couldn’t accept the situation and a lot of people was hunted… but Betty didn’t listen to me… she went and told everybody about the change and his situation in hope everyone would understand, she thought I was crazy and that I was just trying to steal her life

And now I’m here with you Brad… who also did not believe her or do you?, you were his boyfriend right?

“I just wanted to see if she was losing their mind like everyone said” Brad responded

“I see…well, I told you the story while I was here in front of you almost naked and you did nothing, why?”

“Betty was a very horny girl, very sexual, it just seems normal for me to see you like this”

“Well then… do you need something else? I’m still figuring many things out of this body”

“Ok professor… but what about you? and your life? ” Brad asked

“That is a story for another time….. right now what if we pretend you are my boyfriend and I’m your slutty girlfriend?”

During all the conversation Brad had a hard on that he could not contain anymore.

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