Bodyswap · FOSE · step sister

My friend Jonas

Gary (30) was there looking at his friend Jonas (34) sleeping naked in the body of his step sister Maria (19) He knew Jonas was very drunk and that maybe he could fuck him without waking him up. Gary had a crush with his sexy young step sister since last year when she became a woman, every time he went to visit her uncle he would go out with her and talk about their life. That is until his friend Jonas masturbated to her during the FOSE she was devastated to be an adult man in the beginning but after a few months she accepted that was her life now. On the other hand Jonas was still Jonas but with a girls body and Gary had to take of him every time he got into trouble. Gary was secretly in love with that body for so long but he did not tell his friend, he was always naked when they were at their apartment.

But his night was too much, Gary was standing with his cock out masturbating looking at her cousin laying there naked legs open. That pussy looked delicious, and even if Jonas woke up… he did not think he would get mad at all… so it was a win win.

Gary started to touch Jonas legs until he got to that pussy and ate it for a couple of hours. Then he put his cock inside it and it was the most pleasurable feeling he ever had. A fantasy came true.

He loaded his cum inside Jonas and Jonas didn’t even blink…

From then on, Gary would get his friend drunk every weekend and since Jonas was very stupid… he never found out he was being fucked by Gary, actually Jonas was getting more feminine everyday… and accepting his sexuality…

Gary thought in the long run he could make Jonas his new girlfriend.

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