Babysitter · Bodyswap · Tech device


Mia (25) was the babysitter of Josh (12). That boy was always problematic, a little monster some would say but a genius in progress. At age 8 he was able to code a remote system to control all the doors and cameras from his house. At 9 he built a computer from scratch… Of course his parents did not know this. But from there on until now he went on to build many more things and it’s last one was a body swapping device.

It’s worth mentioning his mind was more developed than his body and he was a very horny boy. He watched these weird movies were two people exchange bodies and that was all it took for him to put his brilliant mind into building the device…. He let everyone know he was dumb so nobody would try do any experiment with him or lock him away for testing…

Having a babysitter was a good cover for this, so when his parents presented him with Mia he was very happy…. the girl was very pretty. In a way Josh was Mia’s protector because she used to have sex with her boyfriend all the time in his house and Josh always deleted the footage so their parents never found out about it ….otherwise she would be fired, of course Mia was clueless to this.

Josh decided to use Mia as his subject for testing the device, he would try it when she was about to take a shower, He adjusted the settings and went to his room to activate it at the right moment. The device knocked his body out for a few hours but he opened his eyes in Mia’s body while looking at himself in the mirror to the perfect body he now had.

“Ok, now we are talking, what a nice body” Said Josh to himself with Mia’s voice “Maybe I should use my other device to wipe her mind in my body while she is sleeping…. just for a few days to try this body with her boyfriend”

And effectively, Josh left Mia trapped in his body with just a few glimpses from her past… but let’s just say he did not leave her like that only for a few days…

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