Aunt · Bodyswap · Medallion of Zulo

Hard to be my aunt

“Wooo my aunt’s body is really hot I cannot believe this is all mine now” A few days ago I was a 14 year old boy living a pretty normal life, I’m an only child and my dad left, for starters I must say I’m very sexually active even tough I’m quite young…like I watch porn and masturbate a lot everyday, it’s pretty fun… the other day I was playing football at school and I found a strange amulet over the benches, it seemed to be a medallion… and as an instinct I just took it home and then shoot pictures of it to find more information about it on the internet.

It turned out to be very similar to ‘ The medallion of Zulo’ don’t know for sure if its the same since that thing is unique according to different sites “What a strange name” I thought, but it was very similar somehow… Anyway, I looked for more info about it and I discovered it has magical powers… supposedly if two people touch it, their bodies change into each other and they also get their respective mannerisms and memories but only the one with the medallion keeps their old memories.

My mind couldn’t stop thinking at the possibilities and of course I missed the part where the medallion vanishes once is used but heck…. I was skeptical about if it actually works, I thought about changing into my crush, my teacher…my mother, or my sister….. but then… out of the blue my aunt Susie (33) came to visit us that day and Gosh!I forgot but when I saw her I immediately got a hard-on, she is a very voluptuous woman, huge tits, big ass, big thighs but with just the right amount of fat, my lust went to the roof. She was just staying with us for the night since she was constantly travelling but that was perfect for my plan.

I offered my room for her so she could sleep in my bed and I would sleep in the couch. My mom agreed and you can imagine what I did…. Once they fall asleep I sneaked into my room and grabbed her hand to touch the medallion at the same time I was touching it with my other hand. I did not know what was going to happen but I made sure not to make any noise whatsoever. My body felt weird but the change was fairly quickly I tried not to move as I was standing there changing… I grew taller, long hair fell in my head, a heavy weight populated my chest, suddenly I felt soft, big and rounded, also down there…. wow… it was amazing I also saw how her body became like mine used to be still sleeping….very skinny , short hair, hairless and small.

After that I took her suitcase…and left the room. I wrote note to my mom telling her I had to go early because of work, according to the things I read about the medallion it was about 8 hours since the memories effects activate…so next morning my aunt in my body would just be like myself

And now I’m here in my aunt’s house….or rather my new BODY …touching myself and discovering the pleasures of being an adult voluptuous woman, masturbating here is so much more pleasurable….

My SISTER haven’t called me or asked me about little Peter so I think everything went fine…

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