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My new wife

“Are we going to play today like yesterday dad?” (Carl, 7) “Sure thing son”… I replied

A couple of weeks ago I had to take a decision, to save my relationship with my bitchy new wife, or to spend more time with my son and so ….you see, I decided to get both options. My first wife died years ago and she left me with my son Carl so I met Julia (29) whom at the beginning was very nice and beautiful, but suddenly it all became chaos, I didn’t realize she did not like my son at all and she was always asking for things… a new dress…. a new trip…. a new collar… you name it. It fooled me because his figure was that of a goddess yeah. The sad part was that we barely had any sex. So anyway, I work for a high tech company and there we make weird devices, I managed to took one to my house… a body swapping one. I saw them testing it with company members so I knew it works, I was risking much doing this but I just thought it was a good solution… that night the three watched movies in the living room so I knew she and my son would fall asleep in the couch… very good moment to use the device.

Next day they woke up in each others bodies, I played dumb about the situation, she made rants and was still complaining about everything but since she now was a little boy I had no more remedy than send her to a disciplinary school for young men.

“You know what … I’m sending you to Kravens Disciplinary school for 2 months”

“What? are you insane? we have to do something I cannot be like this” she said in my little boy’s body

“Look, maybe some weird radiation did this or whatever, but your behavior needs to change “

“I’m not doing what you say, I’m your wife… this is nuts”

“OK, now that sounds strange, SON…. I am Dad for you now, and tomorrow first thing in the morning you are entering this school”

This went on until people from the school came for her. They’ve been calling saying my boy doesn’t understand what respect is and he keeps telling everyone he is a woman so they asked me if they can punish him more. And I just said… “do what you have to do”

On the bright side, me and my son in Julia’s body are getting along very well… he is very happy he doesn’t need to attend school anymore and yes…. I admitted… I fuck him every night but he is very happy with it and the best part is he always do what I say.

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