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True friendship

My name is Mark (25)… you see this picture and you think…what a happy couple! right? I mean yes….but I have to confess something, the girl in the picture; Lucy (23) is me now. Lucy and I were friends since high school, I always helped her with homework and also gave her advice with her boyfriends over several years, we are truly best friends. Recently his last boyfriend Erik (28) had the excellent idea of having a baby, which for Lucy was a complete no-no. She told me she loved Mark but didn’t want to have a baby with him, she didn’t want to loose him either so she was very sad “what if you adopt one?” I asked …”No, never, I don’t like that” she said

I was desperate to understand the situation more so I went to his house and told her that maybe I could talk with Mark and convince him they both didn’t need a baby… or at least not in the years to come. She agreed but said I had to do it like her, not like me… I didn’t understand, a few moments later she pulled out a little statue with an elephant shape and ask me to touch it.

“You are the only one I could trust with this Mark, are you ready?” She said

“For what?” I replied

“Just touch it”

ok ok. (I was confused)

On the count of three. ….1…..2……3

A green flashlight made me blind for a few seconds, I felt dizzy. When I finally opened my eyes I saw myself with a big smile, and whoever that person was, he hug me

“Who are you” I said….but my voice was Lucy’s

“You dummy, we change our bodies….I want you to live like me until you can convince Mark, you are very charming and my best friend, I know you can pull this one off “

“What??…. but I need to think how I will do this” I asked

“Mark is very nice, and you already know him…. please treat him well… I need to go before he comes”….


Two hours later I’m here in bed with Erik making my best Lucy impression and thinking sex with this guy was going to be impossible to avoid …Is in this moments where being bisexual help you out you know….


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